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KG Phoenix Bow
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Price: £420.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: KG New Phoenix Bow
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

Available Options:
Right or Left Hand:
Limb Length:
Phoenix Carbon or Glass Limbs:
Draw Weight:
Limb Colour:


KG Team for innovation and quality brings you a new bow handle.



The bowyers at KG where given the task of producing a cost effective bow handle that’s light in the hand and suitable for archers that can not handle the heavier metal handled bows.  

The New KG bow handle that weighs less than 800g.

The bow handle is made from Bubinga wood with a reinforcing bar of bow limb glass through the central stress areas which makes this handle suitable for using with F/F bow strings and carbon arrows. This handle has been carefully shaped and fashioned to fit the bow hand and using graceful curves and lines making a very beautiful bow to hold and use. This handle also operates a dedicated unique KG limb location system that only allows the bow limb to be correctly attached to this handle.    

All bows have a lacquered Satin finish as standard in my view the figuring and colours within the wood come alive 

Handle length 610mm 24”

Bow window length 210mm 8 ¼”

Bow window 6mm past centre

Bushed for 5/16” Mono stabilizer

Bushed for 5/16” Pressure Button.

Bushed for M5 Sight fitting.

Bushed for M4 Clicker

Bow limb adjustment

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KG Phoenix Bow
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KG Phoenix Bow
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KG Phoenix Bow
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