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SF Axiom 21" Riser with 64" KG Apex Carbon Limbs
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Price: £349.80 £210.00
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Model: SF 21" with 64" Apex
Manufacturer: KG Archery
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SF Axiom+ 21" Right Hand Riser with KG Apex Carbon Limbs complete with string.

Please note when buying, that the draw weight is for 64" limbs on this 21" riser measured at 26". This will be the actual weight you have on your fingers at 26". Any questions please ask before buying.

Together they make an excellent bow for a shorter draw length, without compromising on speed or stability.


KG innovation and unparalleled quality brings you the Apex carbon limb - the supreme combination of smoothness through draw, stability, and speed.

The Apex limbs contain 6 layers of carbon fibre plus a unique torque resistant fadeout and resin impregnated tapered core which makes this limb very stable in adverse weather conditions.

This limb has been designed to operate as a leaf spring giving a smooth progressive increase of power during the drawing of the bow, giving a greater increase in torsional stability and performance. In the words of the archers that have been shooting these limbs they are smoother in the draw, have increased their sight marks and also tightened up their arrow grouping.

The limbs are white with a black fade on the tips.


The Axiom+L riser in its 21 inches version will allow youth and small draw length archers to get the benefit of a smart engineered riser.

The 21" version has all the elements which made the 25 inches version successful: adjustable clicker extension, cushion’s double hole, magnetic arrow rest and pressure button 

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SF Axiom 21" Riser with 64" KG Apex Carbon Limbs
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SF Axiom 21" Riser with 64" KG Apex Carbon Limbs
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