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KG Astron Bow Carbon Limbs
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Price: £399.50
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Model: KG Astron with
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

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KG Astron bow

Takes after its name { Heavenly Body } with beautiful curves and lines which makes not only a pleasing bow to look at but gives outstanding performance. Incorporating the KG a positive limb location and locking system.

With reinforced bow tips suitable for F/F,  F/F+, 8125G bow strings with served loops

We try to keep a selection of bow weights in stock but some times we have sold out and we will make your bow to order, please allow 21days for delivery

  • Handle made from LM25 aluminium.
  • Colours - Red, Black, Green, Blue.
  • Right or Left handed.
  • Limb lenghts -66” – 68” – 70”  the draw lenght up 32".
  • Limb draw weights from 24lb to 50lb in 2lb increments.
  • Bushings for stabilisation etc.
  • Sight window 3/8th inch over centre.
  • Wood Grip - Standard - Low – High.
  • Astron bracing heights for 70" 9 to 10" - 68" 9 to 10" - 66" 8 1/2 to 9 1/2".
  • Comes with FF bow string and arrow rest

All measurements are from the back of the bow.

The price of this product is with UK VAT at 20%. Customers out side of the EEC we do not charge the VAT.

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KG Astron Bow Carbon Limbs
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