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My Development in the use of Carbon in Archery
My research started in the 1980s into the use of other materials that may be suitable to be used in the construction of bow handles. The reason for this research was that with the compound bow the first compounds were made using a wooden handle. 
Regrettably these handles could not take the stress and strain from the heavier draw weights required, so metal handles were introduced into the compound bow construction. The early cast aluminium compound handles were weighty in the bow hand and you had to shoot them with a bent bow arm to support the physical weight of the bow.  This is where I started my journey with carbon.
Using the knowledge and experience gained from the manufacture of carbon recurve bow limbs I began experimenting by bonding carbon laminations with wooden laminations of different density and thickness, this was to enable me to test each sample to destruction or not. It may be said that my methods of testing these samples may be considered old fashioned and unsophisticated by not producing fancy graphs for you to look at, but they work.
With this information on the size of the wooden laminations needed along with the required orientation of the carbon fibres in order to give maximum structural strength, I designed my first carbon reinforced wooden handled compound bow with a wood core carbon limbs using the Hoyt Aim system.
The first impression was how light in the hand it is and wow, how quiet this bow is to shoot compared to the aluminium handled compound bows (compound bows in the early 80s had a very noisy reputation and other archers did not like to be on the same target with a compound).
Unfortunately I was instructed by my MD of the time to not waste any more time on this compound development as they will never catch on!.
Well, what can I say apart from what a mistake to have been made!.
The next carbon development I was commissioned for was an all carbon Real Tennis racket. 
Regrettably on the first match played using this racket, it was deemed to be too fast for this type of tennis and was banned.
But all of the research which went into this project would not be wasted.
A few years later and having resigned from Marksman Archery and started KG Archery, I resumed my dream of a carbon handle. Within the first year of trading as KG Archery and along with my friend and fellow coach 
Steve Millward, we had created the first all carbon recurve bow handle. In 1992 The first All Carbon Bow Handle in the world was launched as the 
KG Paragon. With its distinctive matrix of 44 carbon laminations in the makeup of this carbon handle, we were nominated 1993 and won the Prestige’s Rural Development Commission award for the innovation use of carbon in Archery. 
This bow was used to win individual Silver medal, Para Olympics Atlanta USA. Individual Gold and Silver medals in the Para Olympics team in Sydney and Gold medals in the Para Olympics team in Athens.
During this period of carbon handle development I continued with the original concept for a carbon handle, along with the development of a carbon handled compound which proved very successful. This carbon handle compound was the forerunner for the lighter CNC aluminium compound bows but regrettably the production costs were the downfall of this fantastic carbon bow, the KG Genesis compound. [See photo]       
This single minded pursuit of carbon technology spanning over 30 years, has now resulted in not only in creating the KG Nex-Gen carbon limb, which delivers speed, stability and smoothness of draw.
 Three years ago I was approached by a design company Jelly Products, with a very interesting concept. When Sam from Jelly Products came to my workshop with his drawings and bits that he had made, it just again sent me buzzing with excitement, with how I can use carbon to make what would seem to be the imposable to work. I had this vision of a Turkish flight bow type design, which would make this work, and by using our carbon limb technology, we have helped Sam with his dream of a bicycle wheel with built in suspension.
 The Loop Wheel 
To complement my Nex-Gen carbon limb we now we have a carbon handle made to the same standard as the original with its distinctive construction matrix of laminated carbon thus making an all structurally strong carbon handle and only metal bushes are used for Limb and stabilisers etc. 
                    The new KG Carbon Bow Handle